Wing Panel Design — Web Service
There is the project realizing analytical strength analysis of wing structures used for rapid design estimations. The project includes written in Fortran solver program and user-friendly desktop application. The former provides facilities for convenient entering/editing of input data, visualization the results, use of design history database, etc.

The distinctive feature of the project is that the solver implements unique algorithm of Fatigue Life research being a know-how of its authors. While the GUI application is meant for a wide spectrum of users, the solver program by itself should not be installed at their computers (even as a binary file). This requirement defines client/server architecture for the system: client — desktop application (developed in Java), and solver package sited at the server and accessible by means of Web Services (SOAP protocol).

This small project is a successful attempt of Web-based number crunching implementation.

Development timespan:
 Project metric Lines of sourcecode: 35,000
Size of sourcecode: 1.5Mb
 Target platformMS Windows NT/2000/XP
 Software typeWeb-based application
 Tools used Java (JDK 1.3)
Microsoft Visual C++
Digital/Compaq Visual Fortran
Keywords: strength analysis & engineering design in aerospace construction, Web Services architecture (SOAP).
 Convenient form for entering/editing of input data.
 Results visualization: diagram forms are specially tuned for the case study.