Wing Panel Design — Optimization
This project is similar to the Wing Panel Design (Web Service): a strength analysis program (solver), written in Fortran and the corresponding user-friendly front-end program, written in Visual FoxPro. User interface includes facilities for convenient entering/editing of input data, visualization the results, use of design history database, etc.

The solver performs an optimization analysis of wing designs, crunching a huge number of variants. There is usually enough computational capabilities for designs since the program realize efficient analytical procedures of strength analysis (if you use a powerful multi-processor workstation, of course). The problem lies in fuzziness of optimization criteria —  designing is art, not exact science. So a researcher (design engineer) wants to see a lot of variants, not only the optimal one. However, traditional reports and diagrams are not sufficiently expressive. That is why a problem-oriented results player, written in C#, is developed to allow a researcher (engineer) visually investigate the process of optimal cross-section calculation. This process is depicted as an animated cartoon.

Development timespan:
 Project metric Lines of sourcecode: 89,000
Size of sourcecode: 2.0Mb
 Target platformMS Windows NT/2000/XP
 Software typeEngineering application
 Tools used Visual FoxPro 7.0/8.0
Microsoft Visual C# .NET
Digital/Compaq Visual Fortran
Keywords: strength analysis & engineering design in aerospace construction, optimization, animated results.
 Convenient form for entering/editing of input data.
 Results player: animated visualization.