Visual FoxPro Developer Toolbox
We have been programming in Visual FoxPro since 1995. During this time we have developed a bunch of programs (more than 1100 forms, class libraries, menus, program modules; about 1,600,000 lines of sourcecode).

Of course, it is more practical to reuse code rather than starting every new project from scratch. We have accumulated lots of reusable solutions (forms, classes, procedures). Some of them — more universal — we provide as freeware. You may download and use them for free on conditions of MIT-license.

Other solutions depend more on the problem area. Their reuse without customization is problematic. At the same time use of the template solutions with tuning and customization is less expensive than development from scratch. We provide here the galleries of such template solutions. Contact us (e-mail: and we will assist you in developing of your project with less expenses and with more quality.

Business Calendar — the set of classes, forms and procedures that aid in dates picking, manipulations and business (banking) days calculations. The solution includes a compact Calendar form that can be used as a traditional date picker control ('drag-and-drop' functionality is supported). Moreover, it allows easily determining the number of business (banking) days between current and selected date or, vice versa — finding a date standing at a given period of calendar or working days counting from today. This feature is very useful for business applications which often deal with due dates and different time limits (such as “5 banking days”, “10 business days”, etc). The information about holidays, retrieved from the Holidays Database, is used while doing calculations. The solution also includes forms to maintain this data — inserting, deleting, describing the dates. All legal holidays in USA and Canada can be automatically included. Programmer is also given a set of more than forty procedures that expand the default capabilities of dates manipulation available in Visual FoxPro.

The solution contains two releases — completely object-oriented 'all-in-one' solution, developed as integral class library, and more traditional release — the set of forms and programs.

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Measure Converter — the set of forms, database tables, menus and procedures designed for visualization of values written in different measurement units. Use of such a tool becomes a necessity when one has to work with both anglo-american Imperial System and International System of Units SI — feet and metres, pounds and kilograms, pints and litres... good gracious!

Compact Measurement Units Equivalents form not only converts values. The form can be conveniently used as a helper informational window: as soon as focus gets to a field containing, for instance, size in inches, the escort form displays the equivalents in centimeters, feet, etc. Switching to a different field with mass in pounds will make the form to display it in kilograms and so on. The database already contains more than 120 measures of 17 categories and more than 750 conversion formulae; and can be easily extended.

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