Cables & Wires Sale System
This large project was developed and implemented for the commercial holding company, selling cables, wires, illuminating equipment, home electrical appliances, industrial electrical equipment, etc. The company has central HQ and warehouse, about 30 stores in all major cities of Ukraine, dozen regional offices and warehouses, its own transportation network. The developed solution covers the computerization of all business activities: supply and inventory management, shipping operations control, store accounting, sales recording, business accounting, financial analysis and planning.

Trade sales, orders and reservations were conducted from the various working places in the different geographical locations, hence the main problem of the project was to provide a high reactivity in condition of multiple access to the shared information resources. This was provided by means of client/server architecture, designing of a relatively small and fast central OLTP-database, careful programming of critical in time-response applications.

Originally the system was developed in the MS DOS environment on the workstations and Novell Netware on the server. Novell Btrieve was used to host the central OLTP-database. At the completion phase, a row of modules (business accounting, financial analysis) was rewritten for MS Windows using Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Microsoft Office tools.

Development timespan:
 Project metric Lines of sourcecode: 510,000
Size of sourcecode: 12.6Mb
 Target platformMS DOS
MS Windows 95
Novell Netware
 Software typeClient/server application
 Tools usedBorland C
Visual FoxPro 3.0/5.0
Microsoft Excel
Keywords: business application, client/server, OLTP-database.
 A typical form: Billing.
 Pop-up window: Goods in stock.