International Trucking Control System
There is a large project developed for Ukrainian National Agency of International Trucking Service.

The problem to be solved lays in accounting of a huge number of documents generated by eurobureaucracy: each truck entering or leaving a European country is charged for a damage it causes to the ecology, use of the transporation network, services, etc. Those fees are collected the way that every carrier buys in its national agency special certificates —  permissions for entering or crossing a European country. There are many different kinds of such documents: expendable and permanent, seasonal, depending on the type of the truck or nature of the cargo. Every country issues its own permissions and exchanges those with the others. Certificates are emitted as securities (every document has unique series and number). When one crosses the border the certificate is stamped, and should be further returned to the agency at the end of the trip (or season). Those are exchanged with the country-issuer at the end of the year. Careful record keeping of the documents flow allows national agencies to settle accounts with each other.

The described system features the intensive information flows. Tens of thousands accompanying documents are registered every month at the border crosses. This information is gathered and processed in the central database. However, small budget of the project precluded the use of powerful servers and DBMS, such as Oracle. Instead the royalty-free Visual FoxPro database was used. Shared access to the data and fairly high reactivity of the system was achieved by using efficient data separation into relatively small OLTP (on-line transaction processing) database and huge, but unalterable during the day, OLAP (on-line analytical processing) database. Replication and data synchronization was performed every night in fully automatic mode.

The system has a powerful information retrieval tools with elements of data mining facilities.

Development timespan:
 Project metric Lines of sourcecode: 490,000
Size of sourcecode: 11.2Mb
 Target platformMS Windows 98/NT
 Software typeDesktop application
 Tools usedVisual FoxPro 3.0/5.0
Keywords: business application, information storage and retrieval system, documents flow control.
 Information retrieval system places at user's disposal convenient instruments of data selection. On the picture: choice by vehicle type.
  Certificates registration form.