Medical Patient Registration System
This project was aimed to help in indexing and processing of medical data that is accumulated while treating the patient. The developed lightweight system provides standalone software which is able to keep track of thousands of patients, their case history, etc.

The system is built upon royalty-free database — Visual FoxPro, thus giving relatively inexpensive solution for the medical personal. It can be installed in either completely standalone mode, where both database and the client reside on the same workstation, or, alternatively, several clients can share access to the same database via LAN.

Note: project is localized to be used in Ukrainian hospitals.

Development timespan:
 Project metric Lines of sourcecode: 25,000
Size of sourcecode: 525Kb
 Target platformMS Windows 98/2000/XP
 Software typeDesktop application
 Tools usedVisual FoxPro 5.0/6.0
Keywords: medical data processing, patient indexing system.
 Database browser allows quickly navigating through the records and performing searching and filtering operations via a number of criteria.
 User interface mimics the view of the paper documents, ensuring easy use of the system for those familiar with the paper work approach.