Information Systems for State Offices/Agencies
There are several projects of workflow automation developed for Ukrainian state offices/agencies.

At the beginning of 90-th, when state institutions of Ukraine started to emerge, there occured a unique opportunity — the possibility to develope computerized systems “from scratch”. The first project was designed for State Patent Office of Ukraine. Our team designed the database structure, software specification and business case, then developed programs of the first stage. This big project included eight subsystems and more than 30 software components. Larger part of the prototype systems of that time were presented as an expensive solutions based on the mainframes. Using that experience we had developed client/server architecture based on the distributed network computing and on use of relatively inexpensive servers and workstations.

Development timespan:

1990 1991 1992 1993 1994

Another project has been developed for Shipping Register of Ukraine. We designed the integrated database structure and software specification. This work was interesting because of particular complexity of its infological data. Lloyd's Maritime Information Services Ltd (LMIS) very much helped us by kindly providing information about their database, what we greatly appreciate.

The project was heavily Internet-oriented. The proposed solution was to supply ship surveyors with notebooks equipped with specialized software. The surveyor was able to download the ship's information before inspection and upload completed check list after inspection.

Development timespan:

1996 1997 1998 1999