Internet based Human Resources Agency Management System
The project was developed for a human resources agency. It represents a combination of a desktop application and web-server architecture. Microsoft Visual FoxPro application is used to facilitate the office workgroup, and periodic administrative scripts perform synchronization with the remote web-server database. End-users can access the system via the Internet Explorer, visiting the website where they can review job propositions, place information about themselves or available positions, etc.

Office-based software is equipped with powerful analytical and search mechanisms giving access to different statistics and reports. This allows creating special reports for selected customers, providing them with more detailed statistics and information.

One distinctive feature is three language localization, every piece of textual data can be stored in russian, ukrainian and/or english language. Thus allowing seamless use for both eastern and central european markets.

Development timespan:
 Project metric Lines of sourcecode: 65,000
Size of sourcecode: 1.7Mb
 Target platformMS Windows 98/NT
 Software typeDesktop application
 Tools usedVisual FoxPro 5.0/6.0
Keywords: business application, web-server architecture, multilingual support.
 Form for entering/viewing of personal data. Flag-buttons represent input language for the textual data.
 Another page of the same form.