Aerospace Stiffened Panel Analysis Software
There are several related projects realizing numerical strength analysis of wing structures based on finite-element method. The main goal of the projects is porting large strength analysis programs (solvers), originally developed for mainframes back in 70-80s, to Windows NT/2000/XP platform and equipping them with modern graphical user interface. The solvers, written in eternal Fortran and working in batch mode, were accompanied by user-friendly facilities for entering/editing input data, visualization the results and providing extra features such as design history database, etc.

The main aspect of success of these projects is the absense of usual for such cases conceptual gap — mutual misunderstanding between IT-specialists and scientists. Members of our team being IT-professionals have at the same time a fundamental education (and work experience) in the field of structural mechanics, mathematics, physics. We can understand the language of our partners-scientists, who (in their turn) can program algorithms of numerical analysis, know Fortran statements READ and PRINT, and do not want to deal with programmer's “bells and whistles”.

One of the projects — Generic Wing Box Design Tool — is a successful example of such interaction and a typical moderate solution intended for revival of ancient software. The project was launched in short time and developed further as researchers came up with new ideas.

Another project — Detailed Stiffened Panel Analysis — was also implemented in a short term, and was then expanded during long period of time gradually covering new calculation cases. This large application is used for research of crack propagation processes in aircraft constructions, which requires huge processing power. So for this particular package a distributed computational technique was implemented to enable parallel computation using several computers connected via LAN and further merging the results into a single design history database.

A particular feature of this project is a very high detalization of the calculation model and, as the result, huge volume (hundreds of values) of source data. To ease user's experience with the software we provide such solutions as database (library) of reusable structural component (skin panels, stiffeners, cross-sections, etc), mechanical properties (ultimate strengthes and stress-strain diagrams), crack growth scenarios and mesh generation options.

Generic Wing Box Design Tool
Development timespan:
 Project metric Lines of sourcecode: 95,000
Size of sourcecode: 2.6Mb
 Target platformMS Windows NT/2000/XP
 Software typeEngineering application
 Tools used Visual FoxPro 5.0/6.0
Microsoft Visual C++
Digital/Compaq Visual Fortran
Aerospace Stiffened Panel Analysis: Detailed
Development timespan:
 Project metric Lines of sourcecode: 268,000
Size of sourcecode: 7.4Mb
 Target platformMS Windows NT/2000/XP
 Software typeNetwork application
 Tools used Visual FoxPro 3.0/5.0/6.0
Microsoft Visual C++
Digital/Compaq Visual Fortran
Keywords: strength analysis & engineering design in aerospace construction, CAD (computer-aided design), distributed computation, LAN.
 Convenient form for data entering/editing.
 Results visualization: colour scale indication of the structure deflected mode (stress-optic simulation).