About ARPA Software company

ARPA Software is a research and software development team, working together since the beginning of 90's.

Our business fields are:

  • Design and development of “turn-key” application software, as well as
  • Design and simulation of engineering and business cost estimation models, including
  • Solving optimization problems (portfolio and scientific optimization, linear, non-linear models) and
  • Structural mechanics problems (physical and geometrical non-linearity, crack propagation, fatigue failure).

We specialize in creating client-server user-oriented (desktop GUI) applications for Microsoft Windows platform, data storage-processing-retrieval and web-ready solutions, using the latest technologies and development tools, in particular

  • Microsoft .NET Framework (C#, C++)
  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Visual Fortran
  • Database solutions: Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL
  • Web-server solutions: XML/DHTML, JavaScript, Web Services

Our knowledge and experience are at your service. Look at our freely available solutions, download and use them in your projects — get assistance from us now:

  We have developed and launched more than a dozen large projects (see our portfolio) in the following areas:
  • Cost modelling to perform cost trade-off studies, solve estimation and optimization problems,
  • Business applications (accounting, supply and inventory management, sales record, production planning, document flow control, payroll accounting),
  • Software for strength analysis and engineering design in aerospace and automotive industry;
  • Development of material properties databases, material trade-off studies & engineering design, specialized information storage and retrieval systems,
  • Geographic and pictorial information processing, including geostatistics and aerophotography interpretation.

We are also familiar with software development for Unix platforms (FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris) using C/C++ and PHP languages.

Our expert level of database design was achieved during years of work on dozens of projects.

We know from experience solutions to such problems as:

  • porting legacy software to client/server, Internet- and intranet-based multi-user architecture
  • application reengineering and reprogramming,
  • data migration and transformation.

E-mail us at ask@arpasoftware.com or call +1 (519) 635-7502 /Mr. Oleg Grodzevich/
We are ready to help you in solving your problems.